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cascading style sheets

Css has been with us for a long time now, and as developers it is our responsibility to make sure that the web progresses, with new technology and standards our world grows closer to perfection.

XHTML Compliance

XHTML Compliance is a standard that I hold for myself and all websites developed under me. If you validate then you have assured yourself that your page is upholding the strict standards of the web and should be viewable by the widest percentage of users.

PHP Programming

jQuery Adept

Articles I Have Recently Read

new post

new post information.

Heres how to add Tags, and Categories to Custom Post Types

heres the missing link between custom post types and normal post types


Integrating Facebook Authentication with your Website

just reviewed an article on Nettuts about how you can integrate your website with the facebook authentication protocols, im not sure but i wonder if you can get a user to authenticate if you can pull down pin pointed analytical data on a per user basis… OH MY GOD

article avaiable over at Nettuts

WordPress 3.0 Custom posts… PRICELESS !!!

priceless information about Custom post types in wordpress 3.0, this opens up a whole new level of easy, and developmental access to the client of the website in question. This information was generously provided by kovshenin.com

Find out more here .

Great information about WP 2.9

My friend john sent this link over to me, its talking about one of the new features that developers can use in the new wordpress 2.9.

Everything you need to know

Wonderful Information on Web Fonts

Recently read a wonderful article about how you can add non standard fonts to the web for your users to see. Article uses a method i always thought possible just never did any research on myelf. anywho vlala here it is go read it yourself.

Five Tips for using @font-face

Sempo.org SEM institute

I was linked to this website by a friend, it contains several articles about SEO, along with a online institute teaching classes for SEO, and SEM training. The website included many related articles and im in the reading mood
The first of these